Certified Travel and Tourism Course


The market of journey and journey and leisure is growing by the day. This is all thanks to many people who are traveling 50 kilometers or more from their houses for the goal of.

With the journey and journey and leisure market predicted to grow further in in the future, those who are interested to become engaged in it could benefit from having a thorough knowing of how the market works from the inside out–from knowing the aspect of activities and transport in journey and leisure to working out handle guest destinations to making feeling of how to provide quality plan vacationer.


At the end of this course, learners shall learn how to: (1) determine journey and leisure and recognize its motivators; (2) view the goal of journey and leisure and preparing growth and the aspect of group in journey and leisure planning; (3) take aspect in handling guest attractions; (4) view the value and types of kindness service; (5) market journey and leisure products; and (6) appear sensible of the significance of durability associated traveling and journey and leisure.

Travel and journey and leisure together open up large numbers of possibilities globally and are considered significant economic motorists. For those thinking of becoming a aspect of such market, a basis details of its function can be useful in having a advantage against their competitors against others.

Course subjects covered:

· Tourism Management

· Tourism Planning And Development

· Visitor Fascination Management

· Hospitality Studies

· Transportation And Its Role In The Tourism Industry

· Marketing Tourism Products

· Events And Their Role In Tourism

· Non-urban Tourism The Scenery Sustainability


Students who finish this course will get a certification of accomplishment from Touchawards, an established accrediting company. The certification provides as an formal identification for the students’ academic experience, and can be used to add weight to their academic credentials.

Course Format

This course includes several segments, each of which is self-contained. This guarantees that learners can easily get the details they need when they need it.

Students can completely connect to the course using a PC/laptop. Our studying control system (LMS) is 24/7, the LMS itself is offered online and functional daily whenever you want, learners have the independence to customize their studying around their current plans.

Course Duration

Estimated length of finalization for this course is 30 time. Such variety of your energy may be cut smaller or may take longer based on the students’ speed of studying and ability to take in details. Also, students’ may choose to analyze the segments over several classes or finish the entire course in one seated.

One year full accessibility will be given to learners who plan to take the course. The learners can then determine the interest rate at which they will finish all segments within the abovementioned period.

Career path

– Create or fine-tune your skills and details to accomplish career progression

– Gain qualifications in your selected career

– Improve marketing possibilities or conversion to a new profession

– Allow you to accomplish personal enrichment

– Help build your CV

– Show your dedication to long term learning

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