ABC LEVEL 2 Travel & Tourism Course


About this course

This interesting new Home Research course from the Variety Learning professionals, UK Variety Learning & Posting, has been exclusively written by two knowledgeable instructors and experts in the Journey and Journey and leisure market. If you want to get into this different and interesting area of perform, this is the course for you.

As you will see from the details of the course below, the variety of opportunities is tremendous, from frontline perform in travel companies to organizing and performing trips for travellers in large hotels, from dealing with people to dealing with companies. We cover it all so that whatever your next step, you will have a good grounding of the speculation engaged before to challenge on-the-job experience.


Course Content

Unit 1: The travel and tourism industry

  • Understand and describe the dwelling of the globally travel and tourism industry
  • Investigate the social, social, economic and ecological impact of travel and tourism
  • identify the part of nationwide govt in creating tourism policy and promotion
  • Investigate the styles of need for globally travel and tourism

Unit 2: Functions of globally destinations

  • Demonstrate details of the main international features
  • Demonstrate knowing different timezones and climate
  • Investigate travel and tourism destinations
  • Identify and describe the options which magnetize visitors to a particular destination

Unit 3: Client support and operating procedures

  • Deal with clients and colleagues
  • Identify the essential personal capabilities required when operating in the travel and tourism industry
  • Follow basic techniques when managing inquiries, making bookings and getting money
  • Use referrals resources to obtain information
  • Explore the demonstration and marketing of vacationer facilities

Unit 4: Journey and tourism items and services

  • Identify and describe tourism products
  • Explore the positions of trip suppliers and travel agents
  • Describe assistance features for travel and tourism
  • Explore the options of globally transportation associated to major globally routes

Unit 5: The Role and Use of Promotion and Promotion In Journey and Tourism

  • Role and Use of Promotion and Promotion
  • Marketing and Advertising, Products, Solutions and Experiences
  • Product as an ingredient of the marketing mix
  • Price as an ingredient of the marketing mix
  • Place as an ingredient of the marketing mix
  • Promotion as an ingredient of the marketing mix

Qualification Information

At the end of this course effective students will get a Certification of Accomplishment from ABC Prizes and a Student Device Conclusion (which details the details of all the models the learner has finished as an ingredient of the course).

The course has been recommended under the ABC Awards’ High quality Permit Plan. This means that UK Variety Learning & Posting has gone through an outside quality check to make sure the company and the programs it provides, fulfill certain quality specifications. Effectiveness of this course alone does not lead to an Ofqual controlled certification but may be used as proof capabilities and details towards controlled credentials in the future. The product summary can be used as proof towards Identification of Prior Learning if you wish to advance your studies in this industry. To this end the training results the course have been benchmarked at Stage 2 against level descriptors created by Ofqual, to indicate the detail of study and degree of demand/complexity associated with effective finalization by the learner.

The course itself has been designed by UK Variety Learning & Posting to fulfill specific learners’ and/or employers’ specifications which cannot be pleased through current controlled credentials. ABC Awards’ approval includes effective and extensive quality audits by exterior auditors to make sure quality is constantly met. A review of programs is carried out as an ingredient of the approval procedure.

ABC Prizes is a top nationwide Giving Organisation, controlled by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government[1]. It has a long-established popularity for creating and granting the best quality professional credentials across a wide variety of sectors. As a authorized charitable organisation, ABC Prizes brings together 180 years of but also utilizes a sensitive, versatile and impressive approach to the needs of our clients.

Renowned for things to look for, and quality specifications, ABC Prizes also provides Ofqual controlled credentials for all age groups and talents post-14; all are developed with the assistance of appropriate stakeholders to make sure they fulfill the needs and specifications of companies across the UK.

[1] Authorities for examinations and tests in Britain and Wales

Method of Study

  • The course comes to you as a proper paper-based pack, not as an electronic password
  • You will get full instructor assistance via email
  • You will get reviews on your projects from our knowledgeable instructors
  • You will be given assistance through the Research Information about the technicality of studying and posting assignments
  • Postal projects cannot be authorized without before authorization from the tutor
  • You must connect to e-mail in order to contact your tutor

Method of Assessment

The course contains a number of projects which your instructor will indicate and give you useful reviews on. We call these Tutor Noticeable Assignments (TMAs). You need only send the TMAs to your instructor for opinion, not the self-assessment workouts which are also aspect of the course to help you evaluate how you’re progressing.

Tutor Support

You will connect to an instructor via e-mail who will indicate your task and help you through the course and will assist you with any problems you may have. In addition you will be offered a wide Research Information which will help you through the research and evaluation procedure.


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