Travel & Tourism (Level 2) Course


A online studying course is the ideal way to gain a Journey and Journey and leisure certification. Whether you’re looking to go on to further education and learning, improve your job leads or increase knowing, online studying Journey and leisure Management is a versatile and practical course, which allows you to extensively get ready for an evaluation or profession through house research. What’s more, because the online studying Stage 2 Journey and Journey and leisure course is a fully extensive course, no information is required.

This interesting new Home Study course, has been exclusively written by two experienced instructors and experts in the Journey and Journey and leisure market. If you want to get into this different and interesting area of labor, this is the course for you.

As you will see from the outline of the course below, the range of opportunities is tremendous, from frontline operate in travel companies to organizing and performing trips for travellers in large hotels, from working with customers to working with companies. We cover it all so that whatever your next step, you will have a great grounding of the speculation involved before challenge on-the-job encounter.


Course Key Topics

The Stage 2 in Journey and Journey and leisure is separated into five extensive segments.

Module 1: The travel and tourism industry
Module 2: Features of globally destinations
Module 3: Client support and working procedures
Module 4: Journey and tourism products and services
Module 5: The Part and Use of Marketing and Marketing In Journey and Tourism


The great news is that no before studying information or encounter is essential to take this course. This course is freely available to anyone wanting to learn more about Journey and Journey and leisure and would like to take part in a highly fulfilling house research course. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to increase their information and research further, so we try to keep our access specifications to the lowest.

You cost nothing to start the course at any time and continue college in your own time for a period of up to 12 months from initial signing up with full instructor support.

Career path

As a trip administrator, you would produce making sure that routes for multiple holiday-makers run as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. You would go along with travelers throughout their trip, keeping them advised about information like appearance and leaving times and tourist locations.

You would usually focus on trainer trips, but could recieve treatment on trips by train or vacation.


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