IGCSE Travel and Tourism Course


This IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure certification will offer you with a wide release to the key elements of travel and tourism, giving you:

understanding of the travel and tourism industry
theoretical knowing of the market and relevant areas, such as knowing of travel and tourism solutions as well as, the facilities on which they rely and the transportation system needed to function them
practical ability in a range of abilities and operations associated with operating in the travel and tourism market, such as knowing of the important individual and professional abilities necessary for individuals operating in the service sector
critical knowing the physical, public and financial surroundings in which travel and tourism occurs, such as knowing of the international, local and local viewpoints of travel and tourism.

Who is it for?

This home learning IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure course is designed to help fulfill the growing need for well certified and experienced people who want a profession in the Journey and Journey and leisure market.


Unit 1

The travel and tourism industry
1.1 – Understand and describe the framework of the globally travel and tourism industry
1.2 – Examine the public, social, financial and ecological effect of travel and tourism
1.3 – Recognize the function of nationwide government authorities in developing tourism plan and promotion
1.4 – Examine the styles of need for globally travel and tourism

Unit 2
Features of globally destinations
2.1 – Illustrate knowing of the main international features
2.2 – Illustrate knowing different timezones and climate
2.3 – Examine travel and tourism destinations
2.4 – Recognize and describe the number of choices which magnetize visitors to a particular destination

Unit 3
Customer care and operating procedures
3.1 – Deal with customers and colleagues
3.2 – Recognize the important individual abilities needed when operating in the travel and tourism industry
3.3 – Follow basic techniques when managing inquiries, making bookings and getting money
3.4 – Use referrals resources to obtain information
3.5 – Discover demonstration and promotion of vacationer facilities

Unit 4
Travel and tourism items and services
4.1 – Recognize and describe tourism products
4.2 – Discover the positions of trip providers and travel agents
4.3 – Describe support features for travel and tourism
4.4 – Discover the number of choices of globally transportation in regards to major globally routes
Example examination query for models 1 – 4

Unit 5
The Part and Use of Marketing and Promotion In Journey and Tourism
5.1 – Part and Use of Marketing and Promotion
5.2 – Market segmentation and targeting
5.3 – Product within the promotion mix
5.4 – Price within the promotion mix
5.5 – Position within the promotion mix
5.6 – Promotion within the promotion mix
Example examination query for device 5
What will be in the examinations?

If you have seemed at the full specifications on the Arlington web page, you will have seen that there are various choices such as training. We will be planning you only for the exams choices. No training is needed.

The documents have the following structure:

  • Paper 1: This consists of four scenario-based concerns which require applicants to offer brief solutions (60% of complete marks). This examination is mostly depending on Units 1-4 of the travel and tourism curriculum.
  • Paper 2: This consists of scenario-based concerns demanding brief solutions and is dependent on Unit 5 – arketing and Promotion (40% of complete marks).

Where do I sit my examinations?

Students are advised that it is their liability to find and sign-up with a center to take the exams. We cannot take any liability for this.

The following is a list offered by Arlington on their website:



There is no experience or past credentials needed for enrolment on this course.

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