EDEXCEL Travel & Tourism IGCSE (Online) Course


About this course

This Distance Distance education IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure course is designed to help meet the growing need for well certified and experienced people who want a profession in the Journey and Journey and leisure market. This certification will offer you with a wide release to the key elements of this interesting and complicated field.


Course Description

The aim of this course is to offer you with:

  • understanding of the travel and tourism industry
  • theoretical knowing of the market and relevant areas, such as knowing of travel and tourism items and solutions, the facilities on which they rely and the transportation system needed to function them
    practical ability in a range of abilities and techniques associated with operating in the travel and tourism market, such as knowing of the important individual and professional abilities necessary for individuals operating in the support sector
  • critical knowing the physical, public and financial surroundings in which travel and tourism occurs, such as knowing of the international, local and local viewpoints of travel and tourism

The materials and associated with workouts provided will help you to get the necessary information and assurance to actually attempt the examinations. These abilities will also stand you in good stead for when you prepare for the evaluation concerns. The key parts of the course which are important in every aspect are planning your studies and practice.

Course Content

Unit 1

  • Introductions
  • The travel and tourism industry
  • Understand and describe the dwelling of the globally travel and tourism industry
  • Investigate the public, social, financial and ecological impact of travel and tourism
  • Identify the part of nationwide government authorities in developing tourism policy and promotion
  • Investigate the styles of demand for globally travel and tourism

Unit 2

  • Features of globally destinations
  • Demonstrate knowing of the main international features
  • Demonstrate knowing different timezones and climate
  • Investigate travel and tourism destinations
  • Identify and describe the options which entice visitors to a particular destination

Unit 3

  • Customer care as well as procedures
  • Deal with customers and colleagues
  • Identify the important individual abilities needed when operating in the travel and tourism industry
  • Follow the basic techniques when managing inquiries, making bookings and getting money
  • Use referrals resources to obtain information
  • Explore demonstration and promotion of vacationer facilities

Unit 4

  • Travel and tourism items and services
  • Identify and describe tourism products
  • Explore the positions of trip providers and travel agents
  • Describe assistance features for travel and tourism
  • Explore the options of globally transportation in regards to major globally routes

Unit 5

  • The part and function of promotion and promotion in travel and tourism
  • Role and function of promotion and promotion
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Product as section of the promotion mix
  • Price as section of the promotion mix
  • Place as section of the promotion mix
  • Promotion as section of the promotion mix

Method of Study

Our IGCSE programs are fully digitised so you can research on any intelligent system. We likewise have our research books in create, so you have the option to research in any framework you choose. Your studying program is completely versatile so you can research at a speed that you prefer. All our material is damaged down into chew size sections to make your studying more controllable and effective.

Method of Assessment

Your course of research is damaged down into models and segments, each of which contains training, activities and test documents.

Courses are provided on our Moodle based Digital Learning Environment CloudPort providing you to research from anywhere on any intelligent system as long as you can get to the Internet.

The course indicates by planning you for evaluation using past documents in your selected subject.

Tutor Support

Your can get to both a student support consultant and educational course instructor. Your student support consultant will offer assistance with management and details.

Your educational instructor will assistance you with any course relevant concerns you might have. In addition you can get to an entertaining community where you can build relationships your other course learners.

Our primary pedagogy features the importance of professional assistance in the studying process and as such all learners are asked to assistance their other learners using discussion board.

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