Travel & Tourism (Level 3) Course


A online studying course is the ideal way to gain a Journey & Journey and leisure certification. Whether you’re looking to go on to further education and learning, enhance your job leads or increase knowing, online studying Journey & Journey and leisure is a versatile and practical course, which allows you to extensively get prepared for an examination or profession through home study. What’s more, because the online studying Stage 3 Journey & Journey and leisure course is a fully extensive course, no details are required.

Travel and tourism is a vital aspect of our economic system providing lots of possibilities – in tourism growth, marketing, meeting company and trip directing to name but a few. It’s a world of powerful people – good communicators who can recognize with the enjoyment of taking off somewhere new. If this is you, then the Journey and Journey and leisure online studying course could be your ticket to success.

The course will give you an knowing of the framework of the travel and tourism sectors and the way they function. The online studying course also includes such subjects as schedule planning, stand up computation and product details on worldwide attractions. Even better, this course is designed to help you create common skills respected by companies everywhere such as interaction, personal efficiency and the ability to work as an ingredient of a team.


Course Content
The Stage 3 in Journey & Journey and leisure is separated into five extensive segments.
Module 1: Implementing concepts in travel and tourism
Module 2: Client Care and Retail store Journey Practice
Module 3: Communication and Information Technology
Module 4: Tour Functions and Using Information Resources and Components.
Module 5: Booking, Deals & Ticketing for Air Travel

Career path

Tour Manager

As an excursion administrator, you would be accountable for making sure that routes for categories of holiday-makers run as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

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