Travel & Tourism IGCSE Course


A online studying course is the ideal way to gain a IGCSE in Journey & Journey and leisure. Whether you’re looking to go on to further education and learning, enhance your job leads or increase knowing, online studying IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure is a versatile and practical course, which allows you to extensively get prepared for an examination or profession through home research. What’s more, because the online studying IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure course is a fully extensive course, no information is required.

This IGCSE course is meant to help fulfill the needs of those who want an guide to this complicated topic either with a view to further research at A Level or simply to complement a profile of IGCSE/GCSE topics.

Travel and Journey and leisure is one of the most different and important international sectors. It leads to considerably to the financial systems of many nations, and globally utilizes around 235 thousand individuals.

This completely new IGCSE course is meant to help fulfill the growing need for well certified and experienced individuals who want a profession in the Journey and Journey and leisure industry. This certification will provide you with a wide guide to the key elements of this interesting and complicated area.

The course will examine:

  • The different components and organisational positions within the industry, such as government authorities, journey specialists, trip suppliers, housing and transportation providers
  • The social, social, economic and ecological effects of journey and tourism
  • The styles of demand for worldwide tourism
  • Features of globally locations and attractions
  • Customer care and working practices
  • Marketing and marketing of journey and journey and leisure products and services

The aim of this course is to provide you with:

  • Knowledge of the journey and journey and leisure industry
  • Theoretical knowing of the market and relevant sectors, such as knowing of journey and journey and leisure products and services, the infrastructure on which they depend and the transport system needed to operate them
  • Practical ability in a range of abilities and procedures relevant to working in the journey and journey and leisure market, such as knowing of the essential personal and professional abilities required by individuals working in the service sector
  • Critical awareness of the physical, social and economic environments in which journey and journey and leisure takes place, such as knowing of the global, regional and local perspectives of journey and tourism

Components and associated with workouts offered will help you to create the necessary knowledge and assurance to efficiently effort the examinations. These abilities will also take a position you in good stead for when we get prepared for the evaluation questions. The key areas of the course which are important in all aspects are planning your research and employ tests.


How is the course structured?

The IGCSE Journey & Journey and leisure course is meant to adhere to the framework of Arlington requirements 0471 and is split in to five course module

Module 1: The travel and tourism industry

1.1 Understand and explain the framework of the globally travel and tourism industry
1.2 Examine the social, social, economic and ecological impact of travel and tourism
1.3 Get the use of national government authorities in developing tourism policy and promotion
1.4 Examine the styles of demand for globally travel and tourism

Module 2: Functions of globally destinations

2.1 Illustrate knowledge of the main global features
2.2 Illustrate knowing different timezones and climate
2.3 Examine travel and tourism destinations
2.4 Recognize and explain the options which magnetize visitors to a particular destination

Module 3: Customer support as well as procedures

3.1 Deal with customers and colleagues
3.2 Get the fundamental individual abilities needed when operating in the travel and tourism industry
3.3 Follow basic techniques when managing inquiries, making bookings and receiving money
3.4 Use reference sources to obtain information
3.5 Discover presentation and promotion of vacationer facilities

Module 4: Journey and tourism items and services

4.1 Recognize and explain tourism products
4.2 Discover the positions of trip providers and travel agents
4.3 Describe assistance features for travel and tourism
4.4 Discover the highlights of globally transportation with regards to major globally routes
4.5 Example evaluation query for models 1 – 4

Module 5: The Part and Operate of Marketing and Promotion In Journey and Tourism

5.1 Part and Operate of Marketing and Promotion
5.2 Market segmentation and targeting
5.3 Product within the promotion mix
5.4 Price within the promotion mix
5.5 Place within the promotion mix
5.6 Promotion within the promotion mix
5.7 Example evaluation query for device 5
Home Research Instructor Support

Effective studying is inspired through regular activities and self-assessment concerns, and there is assistance for the planning of training.

You will be provided with extensive materials meant to offer everything needed to finish your program. You will have your individual tutor helping you with your course work and with any queries you may have. Plus you can contact a Student Consultants by email or cellphone for all the realistic advice you may need – so we really are with you 100%.

You have a lot of sources to help you in your studies; your course blue file, your publication, websites and your tutor. You should make excellent use of your tutor to help you with any difficulties that you may have during the course especially at the start and there is additional content in trainees assistance website.
Course Assessments

Self-Assessment Tests
Every session is determined with either a Self-Assessment Analyze or a Instructor Noticeable Task. Only deal with these when you think that you have fully perfected the details in the session. If it is a Self-Assessment Analyze, first try to confirm your responses by mentioning back to the session, and then compare your responses with those given right at the end of the session.

Tutor-Marked Assignments
After every two training there is a Tutor-Marked Task (TMA). These are in IGCSE evaluation style and will thoroughly look at the knowledge of the previous two training. You should send your responses to your tutor, who will return your marked program, together with a set of suggested solutions.

Do not leave all your modification until the end of the course! You will need to modify thoroughly for your evaluation, but regular modification throughout the course is important. Strategy your modification properly, and re-read as you experience necessary, if knowing is beginning to reduce.

The last TMA in the course is a concept study of two documents, following closely the format of quality itself. You are recommended to analyze the on the internet exercise evaluation and mark plan before attempting this TMA and delivering it to your tutor. It is also smart to limit yourself to plenty of your time specified for quality, so you have exercise writing under time pressure.


The evaluation you will sit includes two documents. There is no individual realistic evaluation and no realistic training component; examining of realistic abilities is built into both of the speculation documents. You will be asked practical-based concerns in the written evaluation.

Travel & Journey and leisure Document 1:
This includes four scenario-based concerns which require applicants to offer brief solutions (60% of finish marks). This evaluation is mostly centered on Units 1-4 of the travel and tourism curriculum.

Travel & Journey and leisure Document 2:
This includes scenario-based concerns demanding brief solutions and is dependent on Unit 5 – Marketing and Promotion (40% of finish marks).

In both documents there will be a variety of necessary shortanswer, organized concerns, which progressively increase in difficulty to ensure availability for less-able learners, as well as to stretch more-able learners. Some of the issue content may be different to students; these concerns are meant to evaluate data-handling abilities and the ability to apply scientific concepts to different details. Questions targeted at qualities A* – B will include concerns meant to evaluate details, knowing and abilities at an advanced stage, such as some concerns demanding longer writing solutions.

The IGCSE certification will be evaluated and certified on an eight-grade scale from A* to G. Students whose degree of accomplishment is below the minimum standard for Quality G will receive an unclassified U. Where a applicant is unclassified, this will not be regarding the IGCSE certification.

What’s Included? What do I get when I enrol?

Your course fee covers everything you will need to actually finish the Journey & Journey and leisure house study course and earn your IGCSE:

1. All books, study files, and/or on the internet studying aids made for distance learning
2. A wide variety of student solutions, including:

  • Tutor marked assessments (TMAs)
  • Access to the on the internet student website (Student Talk, Boards and Online Support Resources)
  • NUS Extra Card (discounted membership)
  • Comprehensive Research Information & Research Plan
  • Guide to Efficient Research Techniques
  • How to approach examinations without fear

3. An approved prize upon successful course finalization directly from the giving body Cambridge
4. One year’s educational assistance by e-mail, post, fax or phone
5. Free freight and product packaging for UK landmass students


The great information is that no before studying information or experience is important to take this course. This course is freely available to anyone wanting to discover more about Journey & Journey and leisure and would like to take part in a extremely fulfilling home research course. We believe that everyone should have the chance to flourish their information and look further, so we try to keep our access specifications to the lowest.


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