Business and Report Writing Skills


Targeted, powerful writing is an important component of published interaction in any effective company. Efficient writing designs express an experienced and reliable concept and venture the correct picture. From official reviews to writing e-mails, refined interaction is key. It can also be carefully designed to the records that people generally create in their company for in-house programs, however associates are also asked to bring illustrations of their own published work to people course.

This course is designed to allow members to :

  1. Increase their assurance in generating published material
  2. Adopt the foundations of company way of writing and language
  3. Write effective characters appropriate for their purpose
  4. Brush up on punctuation and proof-reading skills
  5. Understand how to generate expert reviews.


Writing to communicate: –

  • Identifying the limitations to knowing the published word
  • Style and Language
  • The concepts of effective company writing
  • Accuracy, brevity and clarity
  • Presenting a positive image
  • Readability and simply British used to effect
  • Letter Writing
  • Using a thorough way of planning, writing and editing
  • Effective opportunities and closings
  • Using different ways to express different messages
  • Complaints, regret, getting action, inquiring information
  • Practical exercises
  • Basic Sentence structure and proof-reading tips
  • Punctuation
  • Common lexical mistakes to avoid
  • Editing and verifying the completed document
  • Minutes
  • How to set up effective minutes
  • Reports
  • Structuring reviews, on the outside and internally
  • Techniques for respiration life into a study.

Course benefits

This course is fully entertaining, and features a number of highly realistic workouts that will activate the delegates’ interest and highlight the importance of the numerous learning points.

Additional information

In this intense, realistic writing work shop, a business-writing professional instructor will show you how to generate your records quickly, and get them to the top of the load. The methods trained can easily apply to company characters, reviews, moments of conferences and suggestions.

Trainers background

The instructor for this course has comprehensive experience in design and distribution of company ability as a copywriter programs. They have been efficiently providing management coaching programs to both private and community industry organizations for many years.

Who is this course for?

This coaching program is ideal for all individuals who wish to increase their overall published interaction abilities.

  • Price :  £414 incl. VAT
  • Payment options :  We accept all major credit and debit cards.
  • Study method : Classroom
  • Duration : 1 Day, Part-time
  • Qualification : No formal qualification
  • Additional info : Tutor is available to students
    Certificate of completion available and is included in the price

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